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Toy Poodles

Poodles also have the advantage of being the lightest-shedding, most hypoallergenic of all coated breeds. If you have allergies, a Poodle is the safest breed for you.

Cavapoos adapt well to different environments and love humans strange and familiar alike. This can make them very suitable as an support dog thanks to their easy-going and social nature. If trained properly and treated well, the Cavapoo makes a wonderful addition to any home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of adopting a Puppy?
Once you have decided on a puppy, if you have more questions, Feel free to call, text or email us at any time. If no further questions, Placedeposit of $500.00 on the selected puppy on this website and we will contact you in timely manner. 
Do you offer a Health Guarantee?
Yes, we at Heav’n Sent Acres offer a 2 year genetic health guarantee. This does however NOT include any issues that the puppy may have had prior to sale if 
disclosed with you the customer. A vet check Must be done within 7 days of taking Puppy home, paperwork kept and training implemented in those two years.
What is included with my new Puppy?

All our Puppies come with,
*Global Pet Security Barcode Tag (Pre-Registered)
*Vaccination Records
*Food (Royal Canine Puppy)
*Puppy Blanket

How often should I feed My Puppy?
We prefer Puppy has full access to food until full grown. Then if you decide to have Puppy on a feeding schedule, you’re welcome to do so.                               
We’d recommend 2-3 times a day if put on a feeding schedule. 
What should I buy my new Puppy?
*Puppy Food (Royal Canine)
*Crate or Bed
*Leash & Harness or collar
*Training Treats (Real Duck Jerky) we cut it into smaller pieces
*Comb & Brush
*Nail Clippers
*Puppy Tooth brush
Do you offer shipping?

Yes, we do offer shipping on a select few puppies. We would prefer to meet ALL our customers. We do understand that is NOT always possible. We do Recommend all our smaller puppies travel with a Pet Nanny, or personal meet and greet. We also have the option of ground transportation, or shipping cargo via American or Alaskan Airlines.

When Can I bring my Puppy Home?

All puppies must be at least 8 weeks of age. Our Cava-Poo puppies are usually ready to go home at 8 weeks old. Toy Poodles vary from puppy to puppy due to
the size and how well they are doing, Due to this breed being known to get hypoglycemia. We wait and make sure they are doing well enough to travel. We at Heav’n Sent Acres will determine what is best for each one individually.

Do you provide any training?
Yes, at only 3 days old we start handling our puppies and loving on them each and every day after that. We use the “Good Dog” training classes and implement those as much as possibe until the puppy goes home.  

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